Project Timeline


June 2010            Found Gerstenberg play, Overtones; began initial work on a libretto

Fall 2010               Early sketches on Scene 1 of the opera


Winter 2011       Met with potential librettist for the project, and requested work samples

Feb 2011               Submitted Atlas Black Box proposal for premiere performance, and was selected

May 2011             Decided to do libretto myself, after waiting three months for work samples from librettist I met in February

Summer 2011    Composed various sections of the opera, not in chronological order

Dec 2011              Finished draft of Scene 1


Winter 2012       Composed first drafts of Scene 2
Completed revisions on Scene 1 for The John Duffy Institute in Norfolk, VA

May 2012             Scene 1 workshopped at The John Duffy Institute

Summer 2012    Revisions on end of Scene 2 and creating Scene 3

August 2012       Finished draft of Scene 2

Sept 2012             Met with Emily Martin-Moberly, who will be the stage director for premiere

October 2012    Researched funding opportunities; built Clever Artifice website

Dec 2012              Applied for Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grant


Winter 2013       Revisions on Scene 2, libretto for Scene 3.

April 2013          Awarded 2013 CU Retired Faculty Carl Kisslinger Award for the Beverly Sears project proposal

May 2013           Scene 2 workshopped and performed at the 2013 John Duffy Institute

June 2013          Revisions on Scene 1 and 2, writing music for Scene 3

Sum-Fall 2013   Rehearsals for production

Nov 2013            Premiere performances in the Atlas Black Box


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